Pretty Pizza


Only 2 posts and already a theme. Looking over my photos from the past 2 months to prepare for this I noticed my recipes / experiments lean quite heavy towards one food group.


Yes Pizza is a food group, well in my world it is. Going Gluten-Free is sometimes a pain in the ass sure, but I am fine living without most baked goods, breads, pastas etc.  Sure every now and then I get jealous of people biting into a light and fluffy piece of cake, or a real honest to goodness Italian Hoagie (Sub to most of the US unless you are from Philadelphia or New Jersey)
but I have a way to deal with it.  If it’s absolutely incredible and sure to be worth it, I cheat and take a bite or two.  I am a VERY lucky Gluten-Free person, being around/exposed to or accidentally “glutenized” doesn’t do much of anything to me. Upset stomach, yes. If I eat a whole piece of cake or a Panini will I pay for it the next day – oh hell to the yes!  And if I am VERY bad and on a slight cheating binge – it can definitely have a snowball effect – I will really pay.  Strangely one symptom is that I break out like a teenager, not pretty and probably something you had no interest in knowing but there it is.  Generally though it won’t kill me.

Why the tangent? Well the one food I actually cried about giving up as I ate my last wood stove cooked thin crust Neapolitan style Margherita version is….I bet you can guess….. pizza.  Finding a gluten-free pizza to even come close to “real’ pizza….5 years and counting. It’s kind of like my Holy Grail. My life mission.  My biggest cooking foodie goal, so therefore this blog may have many experiments involving pizza. In fact you can count on it.

The saddest part?  I STILL haven’t hit it yet and yet I keep trying again, and again and again……Ah Marone!

So this was my first attempt at a Gluten Free pizza crust made from mix. The funny thing is – it’s rather pretty,  the toppings were first-rate and it looked incredibly promising.  Sadly it was a….


Pretty Pizza

In all my experimenting for pizza crust I have been consistently using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix and I  still haven’t hit it yet.  Now I was going to blame Bob’s mix, which is pretty lame of me because it is one of the better rated ones out there according to the internet (and they can’t put something on the internet if it isn’t true…right?)

The instructions are easy, but working with the dough is REALLY hard.  If you have ever used it you know what I mean….wait until I post about my failed calzone attempts.  I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer so I have to mix with a spoon and then with my hands, which is fine but it is SO sticky! And Loose. And spongey. If you don’t keep your hands wet and I mean WET the whole time it just sticks to you.

I don’t have pizza pans or a pizza stone…wow I am seriously lacking on some key kitchen equipment, I really should have gotten married so I could have registered for gifts.  Anyway, I used my large baking sheet.  I do have one which is the same as they use in industrial kitchens / cooking schools / bakeries etc. just don’t ask where I borrowed it from ok? So I greased it down and thought – ok a big rectangular pizza is good.  Who says they have to be round?

The directions say to separate the dough in 2 rounds to make 2 regular size pizzas, but my rational was “The pan is making an extra large pizza so I should just use it all”  that was…..

Mistake #1

After finally getting the dough spread out – it’s much harder then you think, my hands weren’t wet enough, I thought “they say to pre-bake, but I don’t want to overcook or burn it, and this dough seems much lighter then regular and I spread it on a large surface so I will just pre-bake for a few minutes”.  Of course that was…

Mistake #2

I pulled it out and put the toppings on.  I went with no red sauce and instead used sliced baby heirlooms,  Organic Girl Baby Kale ( I told you I love their greens they are in a bunch of my upcoming recipes) and fresh prosciutto.


This is why I call it “Pretty Pizza”. All fresh, beautiful and colorful ingredients.  Then of course I put chopped fresh mozzarella. And popped it in the 500° oven.  Highest heat the oven could go, about the only thing I did right.

I was very excited.  So excited that I forgot to take a picture afterwards. In my defense I had no idea I was going to start blogging about my cooking triumphs and failures at the tome, but when it came out all bubbly cheese and crispy prosciutto I thought to myself  “you go girl, this is going to rock!”


I mean the toppings were sublime, the crust however was to thick, undercooked, doughy and generally sucked.  Sis picked the toppings off and just ate those.  After forcing myself halfway through a slice I realized I was eating carbs that were not even good so I then resorted to the toppings.  Littledude actually ate quite a bit…however this is one of those instances where I had to admit – he is 19 months old and loves bread so his opinion was tainted and the reality is I would have NEVER served this to strangers and their children.


Oh well, it’s back to the pizza stone for me.

Nom Nom

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