Tuesday Tips # 1

North Yorkshire, England

North Yorkshire, England


Tuesday’s Tips is about…..I bet you figured this out already.  Yes I will be giving tips about cooking, food preparation, and more…. things I have learned over the years from experience, chefs and of course my late Gram who was THE cook in the family.

Today’s Tip is something she taught me to do back when I was young and she started teaching me to make gravy (pasta sauce to the non-italians, not the stuff you make from the drippings off your roast)

Carrots + Tomatoes = less acidic, sweeter sauce.

Yup, thats it.  Simple right?  Simple but SO important!  I always keep carrots in the house for that reason and the last time I made gravy – just last week for my baked ziti – I was OUT!

Ahhh Marone!


What my gravy normally looks like while cooking.


I had to resort to sugar and a pinch of baking soda to cut the acid. The gravy turned out well, better then most but NOT the way it normally should taste coming out of a kitchen in my Italian family.

So it’s quite simple really – and this is only Tip # 1 on how to make gravy like my grandmother taught me, there are a few more I will share down the line.  None of them are complicated, as simplicity is the best for some recipes, and Gram’s gravy is certainly one of them!

So next time you are making your own at home, take a medium size carrot, scrub it clean, cut off the ends, cut it in half or thirds and let it sit in the pot as the gravy simmers over LOW heat (thats a bonus tip). When it is ready just remove the carrots with a spoon and you will find your gravy sweeter and the acid from the tomatoes minimized.



Buon Appetito!

Nom Nom


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