Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend full of fun and most importantly good eats!

I figured it was time for another gluten free goods review and what do I pick again?  That’s right, cookies.  I swear.  With the amount of cooking, baking, pizza making and gluten free cookie tasting I have been doing, I am continually shocked that the number on the scale is moving down instead of up. Believe me when I tell you I was NOT blessed with a fast metabolism and feel as though my life has been spent watching my calories so I am a little amazed I am not the size of Shamu…..yet.  However as one of my cousin’s just confirmed, calories consumed in the form of leftovers from a toddler’s uneaten dinner don’t count.   “It’s like splitting dessert” she informed me. Well ok then!  So speaking of dessert…

Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies


So of course there is a back-story that goes along with these cookies. It wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t.  When I left Los Angeles after 15 years my doctor gave me a box of these chocolate chip cookies as a goodbye present.  Yes, she was pretty cool, and back then – only 2010 but it was drastically different to be “gluten free” at the time –  I had yet to find any yummy cookies or baked goods.  There were very few brands on the market at that point.  I thanked her but didn’t have high hopes for these cookies.  Still I packed them in my snack bag for the long drive cross country. I remember the day I opened them to give them a try. Sufficed to say the box didn’t make it all the way across country.

They may not have even made it across the state of Texas, but in my defense that state DID take me over 2 days to cross!  Simply put they were the best gluten free pre-packaged cookies I had ever tasted!

So of course I never saw them in a store again.

Last week while doing a Publix run for the house I was also picking up some things for Nonna, which is what led me to the bakery section in the first place.  Right next to the fresh bread was a small, almost hidden display of these cookies next to a 2 for 1 special sale sign! Ok seriously?  Of all the other areas in Publix to put them, like the section in the cookie isle with the rest of the gluten free cookies for instance…crazy thought…they were in the bakery section?  Smack in between the precut rolls and case with the bialy’s. Weird.

I was psyched!  And 2 for 1? Even better.  They are, like all gluten free goodies, twice as expensive as non-gluten free treats.  I think they ring in at $7 plus a box. So I grabbed 2 chocolate chip boxes, but then I decided to put one back and try the cinnamon thins as well.

Now I already knew I liked the chocolate chip cookies, no real need to taste test there, but the cinnamon thins?  Dare I say it? Even better!

The Chocolate Chip cookies are the right amount of sweet, not overly sugary.  I have been trying to think of a non-gluten free cookie to compare them to but I can’t really pin point a better comparison then slightly reminiscent of a chips ahoy…but vastly better.  If you are a cinnamon cookie fan, I can’t think of a better cookie then these, gluten free or not. Then I let Mama Sis try them.  Her take was yes both really yummy, but the cinnamon thins were her stand out favorite as well.  This coming from 2 chocolate lovers!

Littledude and Ladybug loved them as well – but really?  It’s a cookie.  That was a no brainer. If you can find them, I highly suggest Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies.

My favorite part is at 130 calories per serving and 3 cookies to a serving, there is not to much of the guilt factor.  Which is really great.

Because in my “taste testing”…..I ate a whole box.

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