Immaculate Gluten Free Cookie Dough


Another Gluten Free Cookie Review.

At this point I should be getting embarrassed.  I should also be 10 pounds heavier.  Here I am reviewing yet ANOTHER gluten free cookie.  The things I do in the name of research for my readers, it’s a tough job.

I have see this brand of cookie dough at Publix, Fresh Market AND Whole Foods so I figured it was time. Even meant to be. The universe wanted me to bake and review these cookies.  (I have the ability to justify almost anything)

Immaculate Cookie Dough has, from what I can determine, two flavors that they make gluten and dairy free, Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chunk.   Gluten AND Dairy free,  I will admit, that gave me pause.  I may have to avoid gluten, but I have no problem with dairy and I have found at times some products that are BOTH gluten and dairy free are….let’s see how to put this…..not palatable.   However, as this is all in the name of research I decided to tough it out and force myself to bake and eat more cookies. Like I said, it’s a tough job……

I decided to start with the Fudge Brownie one. At this particular time I had an incredible craving for chocolate….not the norm for me, but it does happen once in a while, and I felt that basic chocolate chunk would not satisfy the desire.  I NEEDED chocolate, so Fudge Brownie it was.  Hey go big or go home.

In the package you find 12 balls of dough and are instructed to put them on an un-greased baking sheet and flatten them a little.  I used the flat bottom of a drinking glass and was slightly disappointed that they crumbled and stuck to the glass.  I did some needed triage to make them cookie shaped and popped them in the oven.  They give you instructions with different heats for dark or light cookie sheets which was interesting to me.  I went with the lower heat, 350°


While waiting for them to cook I read the package.  Fun and informative information about the company, cute blurb about the artist who did the cover art (they are different for each package if you note from the photo below) and a notice to NOT eat raw cookie dough no matter how tempting. That’s a bummer.  Raw cookie dough can be pretty awesome, so I of course ignored that warning.  Shhhhhhh.  In under 15 minutes they were done.


They looked promising, and while transferring them to wire racks to cool, one of them broke.  Whoops.

Well it’s a broken cookie, I can’t serve that now can I? So I tried it and….

Oh. My. GOD!  YUM!  

After they cooled they were even BETTER.  Chewy – unheard of in gluten free baked goods – rich, and densely fudgey. (Is that even a word?) Honestly they are, IMHO da BOMB! I think the trick is to make sure to NOT overcook them, so I am very glad I chose the lower heat setting and pulled them out after the minimal baking time.  Overcooked, they would probably be to crispy.

Immaculate gluten free cookie dough, at under $5 per package,  are reasonably priced as well, and great to have in the fridge for those “out of the blue” cookie cravings.

I have not yet baked and tried the chocolate chunk variety, but I guess in order to be completely fair in my review of this brand I will have to.

Twist my arm.

And pass the milk please.

Nom Nom

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  1. Anita says

    The chocolate chunk is just as yummy. We made the mistake of “not” flattening them at all and we actually really liked them that way. They were moist and chewy…every bit as good as those made with dairy and wheat!