Zucchini Chips



As a kid I HATED it.  I don’t know if I ever even tried it, but you couldn’t get me to go near that or any other kind of squash, which was weird because I was generally not a picky eater.  Now one of my favorite foods.

Some days Littledude LOVES it.  Others, well lets say that one of these days I need to take a photo of what the floor looks like post-dinner when he is in a “no food mood”.

This is a quick and easy little recipe that my family really loves when I make, and when I say simple, I mean simple. I have a very specific way I do it, but you can get creative with spices and flavorings.

And if I am being really honest, I stole this idea from Jersey Sis (The mama-to-be) many years ago and just added a little twist to it.  (Sorry sis – but I AM giving you credit)

Zucchini Chips


Non-Stick Spray
Truffle Salt
Grated Cheese

I told you it was simple.

Pre-heat the oven to 375 and slice up a Zucchini or 2 or 3 – depending on how many chips you want to make. Not to thick or it takes far to long to get them crispy.  To be honest using a Mandolin to get evenly sliced chips would have been better, but I didn’t even think of it until after I cut them up.  My bad.


Spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and put the zucchini slices on.  If you use a flavored spray like – oh lets say the fake butter one perhaps – I know I know don’t crucify me, but it does add a bit of flavor to them and is one of the few times I cheat like that. Mostly.
Anyway, spray the zucchini with the spray then as well, and sprinkle truffle salt on them before you put them in the oven.


Meanwhile, if you don’t already have a tub of grated Parmesan or Locatelli, get it out and grate away.  As you can see we have one mother of a wedge of Locatelli I have been using lately.


Now about 15 – 20 mins in, depending on the thickness and how fast they are cooking, remove the tray and turn the chips over.  This part is a bit tedious as I have yet to find an effective way to get each one flipped over other then doing it with a fork one at a time.  The bottoms would be browned/ crisping and then sprinkle a nice amount of cheese all over the chips and put back in the oven until they look like this:


To be honest they could have cooked another 5 minutes, but because I sliced them so un-evenly, some were overcooking to much.  After they cool, they crisp up even a bit more.

The last time I made these Littledude wouldn’t touch them, even though he has gobbled them up many times before.  This time Ladybug was old enough to eat them whole and she loved them.  The rest of the family?  Well let’s just say these are requested repeatedly.

Demanded could even be a better word.

Simple, simple simple, tasty and nutritious. What could be better then that?

Well ok, french fries – but that’s just a given.

Nom Nom

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