Kale. It’s What’s For Breakfast.


Or brunch……or breakfast for dinner, you get the idea.  Generally when you think of Kale, you may not think of it as a breakfast element unless you are juicing it or using it in a smoothie.  That’s how I used to think of Kale in the morning, then I put it in scrambled eggs and realized it’s far more versatile and goes REALLY well with eggs.

Organic Girl 100% Baby Kale is very sweet and tender as I have mentioned before, munching on it straight out of the package is delicious, so I decided to experiment with it for breakfast dishes beyond scrambled eggs and the results were very yummy.  I actually served both as “breakfast for dinner” a big favorite of mine but I think both or versatile enough to be served at any time of day you like, it all depends on how much you like breakfast.

I like it a LOT.

The first one I made the evening after I made the Arepas. (recipe here)  I had several left-over plain ones, my 100% Baby Kale, some prosciutto, and eggs…..AND I actually had the house to myself. (unprecedented).  While this means there was no one else to try it and give an opinion, I also didn’t have to share!  I have been trying to think of a clever name for this one.  The Arepas are Latin American, the prosciutto and mozzarella generally Italian, Kale always makes me think of California and well eggs are eggs.  The best I could come up with so far is Baked Egg Kale Salad. Hmmmmm…still working on that.

Baked Egg Kale Salad


Toasted Arepa’s (corn cakes) toped with Mozzarella, fresh Baby Kale and Eggs baked in Prosciutto cups. It was AWESOME if I do say so myself and very very easy.

My next culinary experiment was actually the very first idea I had when Organic Girl sent me their 100% Baby Kale, however it was the last dish I made because an element of it really intimidated me for some reason.  Hollandaise Sauce.

I LOVE Hollandaise sauce, but I have never been brave enough to make it, even though it is a (deceptively) simple sounding recipe. The following recipe/meal worked out incredibly well, however the Hollandaise was my weak point.  Not terrible mind you, just not the thick, creamy loveliness you get at a good restaurant. Oh well, I DID give it a try and I will do so again when I am not rushed.  This was last night’s dinner, and by the time I got to the end the natives were getting restless and cranky.

The initial inspiration for the dish came 2 weeks ago when I was at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA celebrating with one of my dearest friends her last treatment in her (winning) battle with breast cancer.  Mimosa’s were ordered and I had a craving for Egg’s Benedict mainly because of the hollandaise, but they are typically served on English Muffins.  Not Gluten Free of Course. When my omelet arrived the “hash browns” were actually a DELISH hash brown “cake” if you will. Hmmmmmmm……from there I conceived my next Breakfast dish incorporating sweet baby kale:  Eggs California.

Eggs California


Poached Eggs, Hollandaise and Bacon served on a Kale Hash Brown Cake with a side of Roasted Sweet Peppers and 100% Baby Kale

Yup.  That was dinner!  As I said I thought the hollandaise was ohhhkaaaaay.  It didn’t get thick enough for me, not really sure where I messed up.  However the Kale Hash Brown Cake and side of Roasted Sweet Peppers and Kale were SO good.  Ladybug ate a lot! Mama Sis ate hers and then some, and Littledude?  Well he picked and in the end just ate bacon.  Sigh.

So there you have it, Kale for Breakfast. I have a few more ways I incorporated 100% Baby Kale into our food that I will share next time, for now  to view these (and more) recipes and instructions on making these treats visit my Organic Girl Recipe Page.  And of course they are all Gluten Free!

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