It’s All About The Corn Flakes


When you are Gluten Free you don’t get to enjoy very many fried or “crispy” foods you once did.  Which is probably a good thing.  However for those times you want to make things like breaded eggplant, chicken fingers, zucchini fries or more, most gluten free breadcrumbs just don’t cut it.  Panko is out of course.  So what do you do?  I recently found the answer in Publix completely by accident.  While searching to see if they had any new gluten free breadcrumb options I found it.

Corn Flake Crumbs!

SO Corn Flake crumbs it is, and let me tell you- they ROCK!

I recently made Baked Zucchini Fries and Baked Parmesan Chicken Fingers with them, both came out crispy and delicious!  I haven’t actually used them to deep fry anything, I don’t know how that would turn out, but if I get around to trying that you can be sure I will let you know!

First up

Baked Parmesan Chicken Fingers

The premiss is pretty simple.  I took a few boneless chicken breasts and cut them into strips.  Then I beat 2 eggs some milk and a bit of garlic paste with a dash of salt.  Instead of the typical “dip and drench” method, I actually put the chicken in a bowl, covered them in the milk and egg mixture and put them in the fridge for a few hours.  Then when it was time to make them, I put the Corn Flake Crumbs in a bowl and mixed in some shaved parmesan cheese I had.  I rolled the chicken pieces around until fully covered and laid them out on a greased baking sheet.  Put them in a 375 oven for about 10 – 12 minutes (sorry I didn’t write it down) and ……..


Baked, crunchy, moist AND tender with great flavor.  (The white you see is actually shaved parmesan) These were a big WIN!

Baked Zucchini Fries


First up was to cut the zucchini into strips.  You know, to look like french fries. Let them sit on a paper towel and then pat them dry before you begin.


In one bowl, beat a few eggs – on this one I DO use the “dip and drench” method.  In another bowl I mixed the cornflake crumbs with some salt, grated parmesan that is pre-mixed with garlic from Mama Francesca and mixed it all together.


I got these as samples from Mama Francesca Premium Grated Cheese recently and so far I really like the parmesan with garlic.  I generally do NOT use pre-grated parmesan cheese…. as you see I am always grating it for myself, but I have to admit that I have been really enjoying Mama Francesca!  (It’s also kinda cute that it’s “Mama Sis’s” actual name)

Drench the zucchini in the mix, put on a greased baking sheet, pop in the 375° oven again until they are crispy and done to your liking (personal preference, I like crispy)


TA DAH! These were pretty successful.  Ladybug ate them, Mama Sis and I loved them, Littledude got tricked into eating one or two with some ketchup – and that was score enough for me!

OK. So what have we learned today?

Corn flakes ground into fine crumbs similar to Panko crumbs and makes crispy …(chicken, zucchini, fish, veggies etcs) a real possibility again! It’s a Gluten Free Score!!  Of course I could have just gotten a box of Corn Flakes and ground them up myself.

I could also make my own grains and powders with a mortar and pestle….you know with all my free time.

Yeah right.

Nom Nom

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  1. Jessica says

    I didn’t know the Kellogg’s Corn flakes were GF. Guess I’ve stuck to the same old cereals for so long I haven’t checked the ones I used to eat! I used Glutino’s bread crumbs and was sorely disappointed. I will try these next!