SuperGreen Hotpockets


I have to say I am thrilled that I have hooked up with the great people at Organic Girl.  Getting boxes of healthy greens sent to me monthly to cook with is great!  Having their support and trust to create recipes on Zia’s Kitchen for them is so exciting!  It’s funny, I was a huge fan and buying their greens long before they reached out to me through my blog.  In fact I was a fan even before I met them on the set of All Mixed Up well over a year ago. ~Interesting note, when they reached out to me via my blog they had no idea I was the same person who worked on the set of All Mixed Up doing the PR and taking all of the publicity shots for them ~ What do you call that? Kismet? Serendipity? Fate?

Whatever you call it my family and I have been eating healthy delicious baby greens of all different varieties and enjoying every minute!

This month is all about their SuperGreens! A delicious mix of baby greens such as Kale, Swiss Chard varieties, Spinach and more.
It’s a cornucopia of healthy sweet greens that I enjoy as is, however I decided to experiment in ways to serve them that would trick Littledude into eating his greens! (As I have said before it’s all about subterfuge, deceit and trickery to get greens past this picky little eater). I do have one trick that works every time, a Gluten Free quesadilla filled with cheese and kale or spinach. It is a family favorite for sure, but I felt the need to come up more of a variety. The three dishes I experimented with are all Gluten Free and actually all “hide” the greens, only because it is the only way to get healthy greens into Littledude these days, however all of the adults who tried my experiments declared them delicious…so here we go!

I decided to go back to Arepas for this one, but altering the recipe from the ones I have done before. I have actually used them twice before with Organic Girl Greens as they are a very easy gluten-free replacement for bread.  Check out the Organic Girl Recipe Page for more recipes.  This time I made them in the more traditional way, by stuffing them prior to cooking.  They were delicious, however the only change I would make next time is to add more cheese to the middle. I mean more melty cheese? How can you go wrong?  These are incredibly simple to make and the addition of Organic Girl SuperGreens adds to the nutritional value.  It’s a win all around.

SuperGreen Hotpockets


Organic Girl SuperGreens
Pre-Cooked White Maize
Water and Salt
Queso Blanco
Mozzarella (or yummy cheese of your choice)

 Seriously that’s it. The entire process took me about a half hour.


I served with sliced avocado and some delicious Horseradish humus from Trader Joe’s, but really you can serve with any accompaniments you desire, or eat plain!  My advice is to eat them fresh from the oven!  For the recipe and directions visit my Organic Girl Greens Recipes Page.  Yes, they have their own page now!

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