Sticky Fingers Scones

Easter Breakfast at Zia's

Easter Breakfast at Zia’s

Sometimes I really enjoy creating new recipes, altering old favorites to become Gluten-Free and cooking up a storm.

Sometimes I just want something already mixed, gluten-free and easy to make. I have been promising a few friends who have had a recent family member diagnosis of a gluten allergy that I would do a list of best gluten-free prepackaged products, but it occurred to me that is a daunting task for one post.  Instead I am gong to do smaller posts for you all with my experiences with great gluten-free products.  Eventually I will curate it all onto a page but one step at a time.  The monkeys only nap for so long these days.

If they nap at all. Sigh


Sticky Fingers Gluten Free Scones

This began as a gamble.  I was cruising through HomeGoods a few weeks back when I stumbled upon their “Specialty Food Section” and discovered to my surprise a variety of gluten-free baking mixes, most brands I had never heard of yet. There on the shelf they had the Sticky Fingers Bakeries Gluten-Free Scone mix.   That first trip the only variety they had was the Apple Oat, so I grabbed a box with a few other things I already knew about and figured I would give it a test run.  As it is hard to be gluten-free on a budget if you want the best quality brands, the discounted price was a plus as well.

A few mornings later I gave it a shot.  Easy directions, beyond easy in fact.  Mix with some water and oil, plop on a sheet pan and bake. The entire process took 20 minutes from mix to bake to table.

IMG_6416 IMG_6417 IMG_6418

The taste?  Oh MY they were a HIT and a half!!  The Monkey’s were waiting at the table before I took them out of the oven the smell was so heavenly.  I served them warm with a bit of butter and some honey for dipping and they were outstanding! Mama Sis agreed – we must get more!  The next Homegoods trip resulted in half price jumbo assortment of flavored Keurig coffee pods and the Meyer Lemon flavor.  Delicious!

At this point we have become hooked so last week Mama Sis and I were doing errands with the monkey’s and stopped in for more Keurig pods and more Sticky Fingers Scones!  This trip I grabbed all 3 flavors I found and we had Wild Blueberry this morning.


IMG_6843 IMG_6844

Every time I have made these I brought a few down to Nonna and she loves them as well.

I don’t think I can stress how delicious and easy they are.  Light and crumbly, the way a PROPER scone should be.  (I have spent a LOT of time in the U.K. so I can compare)  I am anxious to see what other flavors they have next time I go.  I even bought a NON gluten-free mix to let the family try – seeing as I am the only one allergic to gluten and they eat gluten-free 75% of the time. Of course as I am the one who cooks they have little choice, but still. They had a huge selection of their regular mixes this last visit so I grabbed a Coconut Chocolate Chip version, which I am sure I will have to take a nibble of to compare.  All in the name of research I swear!

So if you have a Homegoods near you check out their food section.  In addition to the Sticky Fingers Bakeries website, you can find them on Facebook as well.

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