Getting Figgy With Your Mushrooms


Figs, glorious figs!

I love when figs are in season.  Well I love seasonal anything, but figs are one of my favorites.  Black Mission Figs to be precise. I’ve loved figs ever since I was a kid.  I am sure Fig Newtons had something to do with it.

So this is another quick and easy Gluten Free and Vegetarian dish that is wonderful for fall.  Even when you live somewhere where it’s currently in the 90’s, humid and fall doesn’t really exist…Ahem, Florida.  So I turn up the air condition and pretend. So I invented this recipe while i was staying with my godfather in Northern England a few years ago. Ok “invented” is I am sure technically untrue
as I am pretty sure I am not the first person to create this 3 ingredient dish, but I had never heard of it so I invented it in my little world…. 

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