Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend full of fun and most importantly good eats!

I figured it was time for another gluten free goods review and what do I pick again?  That’s right, cookies.  I swear.  With the amount of cooking, baking, pizza making and gluten free cookie tasting I have been doing, I am continually shocked that the number on the scale is moving down instead of up. Believe me when I tell you I was NOT blessed with a fast metabolism and feel as though my life has been spent watching my calories so I am a little amazed I am not the size of Shamu…..yet.  However as one of my cousin’s just confirmed, calories consumed in the form of leftovers from a toddler’s uneaten dinner don’t count.   “It’s like splitting dessert” she informed me. Well ok then!  So speaking of dessert…… 

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