Sweet Treats


Valentine’s Day. Oh how it irks me. Yes, I am single, and generally always have been on this particular commercial holiday, but this year, while still single, I have my own funny little valentine.  He’s a bit short, won’t be taking me to dinner or buying me flowers and has a pretty early bedtime, but it’s all good because when he smiles or giggles my stone cold heart just melts and I become an advocate for love!

So what better way to show him my love but to make Rice Krispy Treats and let him help? Chocolate Rice Krispy treats no less.  Actually Chocolate Coconut Rice Krispy Treats! Hey….go big or go home.  They are a fun treat, that is Gluten Free and one of those “recipes” thats pretty difficult to mess up. Plus it makes the little monkey’s happy AND satisfies Zia’s chocolate craving to boot so it’s an all around win-win…. 

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