Let Them Eat Cake


This past Saturday night was Mama Sis’s birthday.

I asked her what she would like for her birthday dinner.  Going out is not an easy feat with the monkey’s so a dinner at home was a given.  Nonna was going to be out of town so I had the run of her apartment and kitchen…thank god….because sis requested my Mexican Fiesta Fish Taco Dinner. I LOVE this meal.  Guests always love this meal. I am good at this meal.  But….. it takes a LOT of time to prepare.  I am working on the blog post to share some of the recipes for my Baja Fish Tacos, homemade Baja Sauce, Tomatillo Salsa Verde, Jicama salad, Guacamole….you can see there a lot of elements going on!

Today however, I am going to talk about the cake.  Mama sis loves Chocolate.  I mean who doesn’t like chocolate right?  I love it as well.  The difference between us though is in the fact that I can have chocolate sitting around, in the freezer or apothecary jars  (it looks pretty)… 

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