Pan Pizza


In this house most Friday nights are “pizza night”, a night where I make another go at making gluten free pizza from scratch. Yeah I live a wild and crazy life…. I know….. I know

So here we are again on my quest for pizza that doesn’t taste so….gluten free.  There are a fair amount of pizza dough mixes on the market it appears <I just did a quick Google search> most of them pricey.  Soon however, I am going to have to resort to ordering a new brand off the internet as I think I have tried Bob’s Red Pizza Crust Mix every which way you can.  Many different types of pizzas and calzones have been attempted with varying degrees of …well success is not the correct word here, let’s go with results.

So a few Friday’s ago I decided that Bob’s Red Pizza Crust Mix deserved another chance as it was really me that messed up on the Pretty Pizza.  After another round of  “let’s pin ideas on my Pinterest boards that I want to try and will most likely never get around to in this lifetime”, I saw that someone made pizza in a cast iron skillet!

Now I have a cast iron skillet that is probably one of my most prized items in my kitchen due to it’s irreplaceable value.  I mean yes of course if I no longer had it I could buy another for under $20, but it would not have the ten plus years of seasoning.  I am fairly neurotic about the upkeep and care of my skillet.  I will go full on drama-queen-melt-down-lunatic-crazy on your ass if you put it in a sink of hot soapy water thinking you are doing me a favor by cleaning it.  Yeah, if I was only allowed to pick one item in my kitchen that I could keep – my 10 inch cast iron skillet with over a decade of natural seasoning would be in. You can’t beat it for cooking, going from stove to oven, or if need be using as a defense weapon against possible intruders. It’s the real deal and it’s HEAVY.

But Pizza in it? I really never thought about that.  The thought of tomato sauce all over my skillet made me shudder but the idea was intriguing so I decided what the hell.

I made the pizza dough from the mix after letting the yeast activate in warm water, and let it sit on top of my already pre-heated oven for about a half an hour to rise.


You would think at this point I would have learned and not used ALL of the dough right?  No. You would be wrong.  Sigh

One of the Pinterest posts there was this woman who was excitedly claiming that pizza in her skillet took five minutes to bake into perfect deep dish skillet pizza or something absurd like that.  Did I take that ridiculous nugget of information and use it?  Of course I did.

So I split the dough into 2 pieces, one large for my skillet and a smaller one for my newer baby skillet.  I thought it would be cute to give Littledude his own personal pizza. Ladybug was just at the point where she would be able to eat small pieces as well.  So, after pressing into the pan came the toppings.


I cheated and used jared sauce – never again, I now make my own tomato pizza sauce – and covered each pizza in its entirety.  Then came the shredded mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms (don’t crowd the mushrooms) prosciutto and a few baby fresh mozzarella balls.  They are about the size of cherry tomatoes and called Bocconcini.  Great snack size for small hands.  Ok ready for the 500° oven.

I think I baked them for 15 or 20 minutes. Sorry this was several weeks if not over a month ago. When they came out they looked like this


They looked so yummy.  Cheese was bubbling, prosciutto was crispy, it was dinner time!

So being smaller and the fact that I used  a small amount of dough in the personal pizza for Littledude probably contributed to his being a  superior pizza then the one Mama Sis and I ate.  He ate pretty much the entire thing. Then again it was bread with cheese and he was about 20 months old.

The big one however was seriously lacking.  Not down right terrible as the toppings cooked together in just the right way, but the dough was undercooked, to thick and all around a bit of a fail. This was another mixed opinion one.  I knew my mistake immediately and vow that next time I try it I will split the dough in half as the instructions so clearly state, as well as pre-bake the crust.  Again you would think I learned my lesson….

Gluten Free Crust Pizza try #2.

Only 9,998 to go.

Nom Nom

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