Organic Girl Five Happiness Giveaway – Winners!




The giveaway for Organic Girl Five Happiness Tasty Salad Mix has come to an end and Mama Sis picked the 5 winners out of a hat this morning!

Congratulations to readers:

Laura   Christina    Kimberly   Marian   and    Jessica!


Be sure to let me know how you like your gift package when it arrives!

Nom Nom

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  1. Kimmy says

    Hooray!! I’m so excited. I’ll let you know what I make when it arrives! Thanks and have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Marian says

    Happiness has arrived! I have sent you an email with pic and recipe for my five happiness salmon filet salad. The prize was really nice! Two clamshells, coupons for more and a great Baby Got Bok Tee. Thank you so much!