Drink Your Greens Contest

Organic Smoothie Ingredients

Organic Smoothie Ingredients

It’s June ALREADY?!?!?!  Wow, I can’t believe how fast this year is flying. Summer is here and that means…..Smoothie’s! (Well if you live in Florida it’s also synonymous with living on the outskirts of hell…weather wise). Wherever you live, you probably drink more smoothies in the summer than you do in any other season, so it makes sense that this month Organic Girl Greens are promoting smoothies with the “Drink Your Greens” Contest!

To enter the Organic Girl Drink Your Greens Contest, snap a photo of a smoothie (or juice) that you have created with one of their good clean greens, include the photo of the clamshell of greens and hashtag #drinkurgreens.  You can do this on Instagram @iloveorganicgirl.  I would post it on Facebook and Tweet it as well…but thats just me!

The winner will receive a new Vitamix® blender and ….are you ready?   FREE Organic Girl Greens for a YEAR!!!!  Sweeeeeeet!  As I am lucky enough to be a recipe creator/blogger for Organic Girl, I can’t win….but YOU CAN! 

I did of course decide to create a smoothie this morning using Organic Girl 100% Baby Kale because, well I love smoothies, I love Organic Girl Greens and as usual I am always looking for sneaky ways to get Littledude and Ladybug to eat greens.

Zia’s Chocolate PB&K Smoothie


I love Peanut Butter and Jelly.  I also Love Chocolate and Coconut, so this delicious smoothie incorporates all of that and more (without the bread).

Ingredients: (All Organic)

Organic Girl 100% Baby Kale
Peanut or Almond Butter
Chia & Flax Seed Coconut and Cocoa Blend
Low-fat Vanilla Yogurt
Almond Coconut Milk

IMG_7495 IMG_7521

I used my Nutri-Bullet because – well it blends pretty much anything into a smoothie, oh yeah and I don’t have a blender at the moment.



I only added a splash of the Almond Coconut Milk so there was a little liquid to help it blend a bit easier and 2 ice cubes to help make it a bit colder.


It may not be a beautiful color, but the ingredients sure were going in! Personally I love it.  Sis liked it, but isn’t a huge fan of coconut and admitted without coconut she would have enjoyed it more.


Now for the REAL test!


WIN!  Ladybug drank hers…AND some of her brothers!!!!

Littledude….well a few things made it a no-go for him.  First off he woke up this morning just plain cranky…and hey we can all relate right? It IS a Monday after all! Secondly, as it turns out Mama Sis has been trying the “put-greens-in-smoothies-and-then-hide-it-in-a-sippy-cup-they-can’t-see-through”  trick for a while (She is on breakfast duty weekdays) and well….he got wise to it.  Now the only time it seems we can get him to drink a smoothie is if it’s from Jamba Juice and it is an obvious color containing no green! What IS IT with Green and kids? Oh well.


So there you have it.  Chocolate PB&K Smoothie.

Ok, so don’t forget, you have until June 30th to enter the Organic Girl Drink Your Greens Contest!  Like them on Face

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