Mango Madness


I love a good Mango, and they are VERY plentiful here in South Florida. A while back my sister lived in a place with a mango tree and would come over with them by the armful, so you would think I would be adept at cutting up a Mango without massacring it …..wouldn’t you?


Working with a Mango, chopping it into small even cubes, or pretty slices that don’t look as if you smashed them up with a fork is a talent that has always eluded me. Do you peel it and then slice it?  Should you slice it first and if so how in the hell do you handle the slippery thing to cut it up?  And don’t even get me STARTED on that damn center…nut or whatever it is.  You can’t see it, it doesn’t have a set circumference and outer surface like an avocado pit, all in all it is just a real pain.  Until recently I was absolutely convinced that it took an entire day or week in culinary school to learn how to properly handle a mango.  I mean think about all of the perfect mango slices or cubes you have seen on dishes you order, or in fruit salads. How do they do it? It confounded me.

Thanks to the internet, The Food Network and Pinterest I found a video that demonstrates the how – to’s on handling a Mango from Alton Brown.


Ok Thanks Alton.  I rather wish I had someone to video my attempts, instead I had to take photos as I went through each step.

Here we go.

First up as you can see in the photo above, I gathered the tools I needed.  Sharp Knife, black sharpie, peeler and a mango.


Draw the circles on opposite sides of the mango


Begin to peel the skin on the mango except for inside the circles


Close enough


Using the skin circles as grips, slice off each side around the “nut”


Ok, it looks like an awful lot of wasted mango to me, so I went ahead and tried to salvage any additional mango (damn center “nut” looks just like regular mango yet you can’t cut through it)  sigh


This is what I ended up with

Ok so it’s not THAT bad, but I think it could be better.  That and during the entire process I was cursing a bit here and there, particularly when I came quite close to slicing part of my finger….which is why the video would have been amusing.

So, that’s how to cut a mango according to Alton Brown, thank you sir.  I now have mango for my Mango Pineapple Salsa that I used in my Naked Burrito. I still feel I have a ways to go before this becomes second nature,  but you know what they say about practice……

If mangos didn’t taste so wonderful I wouldn’t bother, but I will try and try again.  Good luck on your adventures in mango slicing and dicing!

Nom Nom

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