Zia’s Product Hit List

I am constantly trying out new gluten-free products, whether they are baking mixes, breads or pre-prepared foods. This can be a costly journey as you experiment, particularly for anyone new to the gluten-free lifestyle.  There are so many more choices than there were in the past, however it doesn’t mean they are all tasty or good.

These products are winners for taste and/or ease of preparation. The page will be constantly updated as I discover more.

Nom Nom

These slideshows will show you the product, give some brief information on how I used it, and then a photo of a finished recipe using the product.

Only 3 Gluten Free Products per slideshow


  1. Katherine K Blake says

    I am in search for a gluten free ready made bread found in a grocery store in Michigan. I have not been able to find a source to order it from. It is made in Canada and the website simply says to purchase it in Super Markets. I can’t find it in Louisiana. I love the bread. It is made by All But Gluten. Have you ever tried it? Do you know how I could order it? I particularly like the All But Gluten raisin bread and also the All But Gluten all grain bread.

    What is the best gluten free hamburger buns or dinner rolls on the market? Both ready made or in mixes?

    Thank you Zia. I love your website. Kay Blake

    • Amanda says

      I apologize that I didn’t notice this comment in the que until now! One of the decent Hamburger buns I have found is made by Canyon Bakehouse. They also do Mountain White, 7 grain and a great cinnamon raisin! I heard they also do a rye bread but I haven’t fund that in my local stores. You can find them online and order from their website as well. I haven’t tried the All But Gluten breads, but funny – IU was just in Brooklyn until yesterday visiting my sister and the kids and found brownie bites from that brand that were decent. I am going to look for their bread here…thanks for the tip! xx Zia

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